What are the prizes if I win?

The grand prize is a trip to Japan, where the winner will get to hang out with our friendly Denimio team and immerse themselves in denim and Japanese culture. Last year, the winner of the contest got to visit the mills where some of the best denim brands are made, met the master craftsmen behind some of his favorite brands and ate and partied with us in Tokyo and Okayama. According to him, it was the “trip of a lifetime.”

The finalists (2 from each team, although we reserve the right to add more) will get to design a collab denim with Denimio and a major Japanese denim brand. They will of course also get a pair of the denim they designed for free.

Mini-battles will have all sorts of cool prizes. From Denimio points, to a free pair of jeans, to accessories and other goodies.

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