I used Alipay for payment but why is my order currently "On hold" or "Payment Review"?

Because it was never paid and remained as on hold status.
If customer chooses Alipay for payment, he gets redirected after the checkout page to make the payment.
Once he hit "Place order", the order is registered on our system as "on hold" as the payment is not yet made.
Customer needs to complete the payment from Alipay's site after being redirected (just like Paypal).
Once he finishes payment, he will be redirected back to Denimio and sees "Thank you!" page. At this point, Alipay communicates to our system and our system changes the status to "Pending".
Customer needs to complete this without leaving the page. Otherwise the order becomes "On hold" or "Payment Review" forever as he will have no way to establish the association between the order and Alipay.

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